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Not Sure which type of hair weft/bundle is right for you?

Here is a quick rundown on the 3 types of Plush Hidden Hair Wefts available.

HAND TIED - These come in a bundle of 8 pre cut wefts. These are hand sewn and CANNOT be cut. They are great for building layers for sewn in rows. They weigh 112 grams per package. High price point

FLAT WEFT- Also known as Hybrid or seamless. These are also very thin and lay comfortably on the scalp. However these may be cut and are also easy to build on. They weigh 100 grams per package. Med price point.

MACHINE WEFT- These are your classic or original bundles. Machine wefts have a larger/thicker base. Usually used in single layer rows. These can be cut to desired width. They weigh 100 grams per package. Machine wefts typically have a lower price point.

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Plush Hidden WEFT/BUNDLE options